Get the Help You Need with Northern County Legal Services

Northern County Legal Services: Get the Help You Need

The Constitution guarantees a lawyer for those who can’t afford one when charged with a crime, but what about those who need Northern County legal services that aren’t criminal defense? What about civil matters like family law cases, non-criminal immigration cases, and senior legal services? 

Sadly, there is no constitutional guarantee of a lawyer in those kinds of cases. The good news, however, is that legal aid nonprofits like Northern Nevada Legal Aid fill that gap. We provide free and reduced legal fee representation and all of the resources of a civil law self-help center to the residents of rural Northern Nevada.

To learn more about how we can help you, see below.

Essential Legal Forms and Do-It-Yourself Legal Documents

Most legal actions come with a lot of paperwork. Knowing which forms and documents you need and where to find them can be a challenge. That is why Northern Nevada Legal Aid maintains a repository of essential legal forms and DIY documents, including the following:

  • Adoption intake form
  • Attorney referral form
  • Child Advocacy Program attorney referral form
  • Northern family court forms
  • Other documents for family court in Reno, Nevada
  • General intake form in English and Spanish
  • Senior legal services forms
  • Documents required for small claims court in Reno
  • Self-help intake form

View and download our DIY legal forms and documents here.

Additional Legal and Non-Legal Northern Nevada Resources

The Northern County legal services you need may go beyond the offerings of a single organization. To resolve your legal issue, you may need additional resources. 

Some additional legal resources that may be of use to you include the following:

  • Nevada Legal Services
  • Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans
  • Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center
  • ACLU of Nevada
  • Northern County Public Defender

Some non-legal resources for those in rural Northern Nevada include the following:

  • Silver State Fair Housing Council
  • Northern Nevada HOPES
  • Reno Housing Authority
  • Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada
  • Northern County Public Guardian

To find all of the resources you need, check our resource repository.

Northern County Legal Services Clinics and Educational Events

To further our ongoing mission of making legal services available to all regardless of income status or background, the Northern Nevada Legal Aid team regularly offers legal clinics and educational events on a wide variety of relevant topics. These events cover topics like family law, protection orders, senior legal services, and more. 

Events and clinics are offered in both English and Spanish. Because these events have limited seating capacity, we ask that those interested in attending contact us beforehand to register for events. 

Click here to see our list of upcoming legal clinics and educational events.

Contacting a Trusted Northern Nevada Attorney Who Can Help

Located at 299 South Arlington Avenue near central Reno, Northern Nevada Legal Aid works hard to make out attorneys available to those who need them when they need them. We make the process of contacting an attorney as simple as possible. Our legal team is available by phone, email, and an online contact form. Walk-ins and appointments are also accepted.

Our office is staffed during regular business hours with a break from 12 to 1 p.m.

To speak with an experienced attorney who can provide Northern County legal services, contact us online, email intakeuser@washoelegalservices.org or call (775) 329-2727.

Free Northern Nevada Self-Help Law Center Resources

In some cases, representing yourself may be the best course of action for your legal matter. Northern Nevada Legal Aid supplements its legal representation offerings with resources to support our status as a Nevada self-help law center. 

On our website, you can find links to a wide variety of self-help legal resources. Some of these resources include information about self-representation in court, Nevada court rules, family law, and other civil law resources, and Nevada’s revised statutes. Our team offers self-help assistance and guidance over the phone, via email, and during in-person walk-in appointments.

Browse civil law self-help center resources here.

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