About Us

Northern Nevada Legal Aid is a nonprofit legal aid organization serving qualified residents in Washoe County, and rural northern Nevada counties. Legal aid is free or low-cost advice, assistance, or representation in civil matters for those who could not otherwise afford an attorney. We provide legal aid with the goal to eliminate barriers to access the legal system for our society’s most vulnerable members, to protect their rights, keep them safe, and provide stability. Legal aid also provides legal system efficiencies by decreasing self-represented litigants.

Compassion for our clients and passion for their interests

Our goal is simple: To help build a world where access to justice is never dependent on the ability to pay for it. We will not stand by while our most vulnerable populations struggle to have their voices heard.

Northern Nevada Legal Aid consists of a talented and passionate team of attorneys, legal assistants, coordinators, and volunteers who are dedicated to providing much-needed help to low-income residents in Washoe County and rural Nevada.

We work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our community has the ability to navigate the legal system with proper guidance. We know how complicated the law can be, how high the cost of an attorney can be, and how these factors can be an obstacle to adequate legal representation.

We’re here to remove that obstacle and offer individuals in Northern Nevada free legal aid so they have access to the justice system that should be working to protect them.

Providing Experienced & Diverse Legal Services

For more than five decades, Northern Nevada Legal Aid has provided free legal aid for thousands of individuals and families in Nevada. We care about the communities we serve and are committed to providing high-quality legal resources to our clients who lack the means to hire a lawyer.

Some of the free legal aid services we offer include:

  • Providing direct representation
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Negotiating with third parties
  • Offering legal counsel and advice
  • Educating on legal rights through seminars and workshops
  • Providing legal self help


We’re here to help protect the rights of those in need and offer affordable legal services that ensure equal access to justice.

Access to Free Legal Aid Makes a Difference for Those in Need

Affordable legal services from NNLA levels the playing field, and facilitates the ability of underserved individuals to defend themselves without money being a roadblock.

The work we do makes a dramatic difference in the lives of our communities most vulnerable populations, and we strive to ensure they’re not at a disadvantage as they navigate the legal system.

In 2021, our free legal aid services assisted more than 8,800 individuals and directly represented more than 2,500 people, including 1,269 protected persons in adult guardianship cases, over 1,500 children in the foster care system, and 174 survivors of domestic violence.

The skilled legal team at NNLA has delivered free and low cost legal services for the communities we serve across a variety of legal fields. No matter the situation, we treat all our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We’re here to offer counsel and help people in our community resolve legal problems by giving them a voice in legal proceedings.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


We provide experienced and diverse legal services to protect the essential needs of Northern Nevadans.



Legal empowerment for our community.

Core Values

  • We are bold and determined.
  • We are professionals who provide exceptional legal services tailored to each client’s needs.
  • We are accountable to our community and each other.
  • We do more good through collaboration with our community partners.
  • We treat everyone with dignity.
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