Immigration Services in Northern Nevada

A growing number of people need immigration services in the Greater Reno, Nevada region.

The population of Reno has grown by more than 17 percent since 2010, with roughly 16 percent of those new residents were born in other countries since 2017.

A common problem for many people seeking legal status or citizenship is the ability to afford a lawyer. Northern Nevada Legal Aid will work with you to solve this problem by providing experienced and diverse legal services to protect the essential needs of Northern Nevadans.


Who Can Use Our Free Immigration Legal Services

If you are seeking a free or affordable immigration lawyer in Northern Nevada, you likely can find what you need here. At Northern Nevada Legal Aid, we help immigrants get or maintain legal immigration status.

We specialize in finding ways to extend special legal protections to immigrants when issues like domestic violence or crime are related to your case. However, we also offer immigration services when special protections for immigrants are not applicable.

For certain case types, or if you have a higher income our immigration services may not be free, but will be available at a steeply reduced cost. Regardless of what factors in your life are impacting your citizenship, you deserve an affordable immigration attorney. We can help you with the following immigration-related issues, among others:

  • Citizenship/naturalization petitions
  • Permanent legal resident applications (green cards)
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) petitions
  • T Nonimmigrant Status visas (T-visas)
  • U Nonimmigrant Status visas (U-visas)
  • Violence Against Women Act Self-Petitions

Whatever immigration-related issue you are dealing with, the Northern Nevada Legal Aid team can help by providing representation or pointing you in the right direction for your specific case. Please contact us to learn more.


Anyone seeking a free or affordable immigration lawyer can find the help they need at our Northern Nevada Legal Aid. Our experienced team offers immigration legal services and the fierce legal representation you deserve as you seek to obtain or maintain legal immigration status.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Immigration Services

Immigration law is a particularly confusing subject. It’s federal, and it changes all of the time. The good news is that our affordable immigration attorneys are here to help.

Absolutely. Northern Nevada Legal Aid assists Northern Nevada residents with all kinds of civil legal matters, and many of those issues overlap with immigration services. For example, we offer legal services to victims of domestic violence, and if you are dealing with domestic abuse, your immigration attorney can connect you with the legal representation you need to change your situation.

Much of the work we do can be conducted by pro bono immigration attorneys. However, the Reno immigration services department works a little bit differently. Our staff members who help those seeking immigration services are not attorneys, but they are accredited to practice immigration law. Our staff members can provide the same immigration services as an attorney, but we are not technically attorneys.

Although Reno serves as a population hub and central location within our Northern Nevada service area, Northern Nevada Legal Aid immigration clients are not limited to Reno. Whether you are looking for a Reno immigration attorney or Carson City immigration attorney, or even if you’re from Truckee or just about anywhere else, our Reno-based immigration services staff can help you in our local area.

Few people can afford an immigration attorney at full price. But you don’t have to worry about that if you work with Northern Nevada Legal Aid. We offer free immigration legal services to many clients, and for those who don’t qualify for free services, we offer highly reduced, affordable immigration services in Reno.

We can. Helping residents get legal immigration status for their loved ones is one of the core tasks we handle.

The resolution of your immigration-related legal issue begins with a free consultation with an immigration lawyer. To schedule such consultation with a Northern Nevada Legal Aid staff member, all you have to do is give us a call at (775) 329-2727, email us at intakeuser@washoelegalservices.org, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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