We Offer Nevada Family Law Self-Help Resources And More

Due to limited resources, the attorneys at Northern Nevada Legal Aid cannot help everyone who needs legal assistance in Northern Nevada, which is why we offer Nevada family law self-help resources and more.

If we cannot pair you with an attorney or help you through one of our legal clinics, you may want to use our self-help resources to work through the legal process on your own.

We offer several self-help resources through our self-help center and online. In many cases, we can point you to the correct forms and provide general information about the legal processes you need to work through to accomplish your goals. Legal self-help is a great way to work through the legal process on your own, without being completely alone and starting from scratch.


The Self-Help Center: An Overview Of Services

Northern Nevada Legal Aid Self-Help Center provides walk-in or appointment-based services. You will meet with a member of our team, and they can point you toward information and resources that you will need to represent yourself to address your specific legal issue.

We have several legal packets available that include forms you will need to represent yourself, including an outline of the court process used in your specific type of case.

Our self-help center can help you with electronic filing through the court’s e-filing system, Eflex. We can also provide referral information to additional legal resources available near you. In some cases, our Self-help Center can help coordinate with attorneys in the area to make arrangements for pro bono counsel near you, if available.

Self-Help Eviction Sealings: Resources For Those Who Want To Seal A Prior Eviction

When you have previously gone through an eviction, credit reporting agencies will record this eviction. It is then reported to anyone who asks for a credit report, including new landlords. In many cases, a prior eviction can prevent you from getting approval for new housing.

You can go through the process of having an eviction “sealed.” By sealing an eviction, you are essentially asking the court not to let anyone else know about the prior eviction. Sealing an eviction is a court process, and it is relatively simple.

Northern Nevada Legal Aid provides a step-by-step guide that you can use to seal your prior eviction. Packets are available that have fillable forms and instructions about how to fill out the form and where to file them. It will also walk you through obtaining the additional information you will need to support your motion to seal a prior eviction.

Additional Self-Help Resources

The Northern Nevada Legal Aid website has an array of additional legal self-help resources that you can access completely free of charge. Examples of self-help resources include:

  • Disputing Security Deposits for Tenants in Nevada
  • Commonly Asked Private Landlord/Tenant Questions
  • Educational Opportunities and Clinics

Northern Nevada Legal Aid occasionally hosts legal clinics that provide information about various legal topics, such as domestic violence, housing issues, bankruptcy, immigration, and family law issues. The public is often welcome to attend these events and get additional resources that they can use to represent themselves to address whatever legal matter they are facing. Many events or classes are available in English and Spanish.

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