Volunteer with NNLA, Support a Nevada Free Legal Aid Nonprofit

The need for Nevada legal support services is virtually endless, but the resources of our Nevada free legal aid nonprofit are limited. This is the central problem Northern Nevada Legal Aid is trying to solve, and our volunteers move us closer to that target every year. With a GROWING POPULATION, Northern Nevada is contending with a diverse set of civil justice issues growing at a similar rate. Our mission is to help. As a legal aid nonprofit, that mission would be impossible without the support of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, we are interested in hearing from you. See below to learn how you can be part of the solution.

Make an Impact with Northern Nevada Legal Aid

How do you solve the problem of unequal access to justice? One case at a time. 

Everyone deserves access to justice, but not everyone gets it. We believe that isn’t right, and it’s why our team works tirelessly every day to serve the most vulnerable people in rural Northern Nevada. 

Every case matters, and every victory is important. But we want to make a more significant, faster impact. We can’t do that without the generous support of our volunteers. Here is a sample of the impact our Northern County legal services volunteers helped us make in 2019:

The number of clients Northern Nevada Legal Aid serves each year increased by 39 percent between 2015 and 2019, and there is no sign that it is slowing down. You have the power to increase the impact we make — to help more people. All you have to do is contact us and volunteer.

Support Free Legal Aid in Nevada: Volunteer

We provide the most vulnerable populations in Nevada with free legal aid. That takes a lot of resources and a large team of volunteers.

To put it simply, Northern Nevada Legal Aid needs your help. You don’t have to be an attorney. You don’t even need any specialized skills. You just need to show up and do the work. You can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Give us a call at (775) 329-2727 or CONTACT US ONLINE to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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