Northern County Eviction or Other Legal Issue? We Can Help

What We Do: Help with Northern County Evictions, Family Court, and More

Northern Nevada Legal Aid helps the residents of Northern Nevada with a wide range of legal issues, including Northern County evictions, adult guardianship, senior legal services, child advocacy, and much more. Our trained attorneys are ready to provide free and reduced-fee Nevada legal advice on these and many other issues. If you are facing a civil legal matter, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a free lawyer consultation in Reno, NV.

Adult Guardianship: Supporting Protected Persons’ Rights

Adults under the protection and jurisdiction of a court-appointed guardian may encounter a wide array of legal problems. The attorneys at Northern Nevada Legal Aid are prepared to help. We work to ensure protected persons’ rights are respected, help with opposition to guardianship petitions, and outline guardianship alternatives that may be available.

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Child Advocacy: Representing Children and Prospective Adoptive Parents

The Child Advocacy Program at Northern Nevada Legal Aid is designed to help with cases involving Child Protective Services, adoptions, and minor guardianships. Our team can represent children who have been removed from their parents’ custody or are under the jurisdiction of a court-appointed guardian, as well as adults seeking to adopt a child in the foster care system, in the Reno family court, and elsewhere.

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Domestic Violence: Protecting and Supporting Survivors

Taking legal action to address the factors that keep people in abusive relationships is how our attorneys help domestic violence survivors. Our domestic violence work often involves divorce and custody cases in family court in Northern County and nearby counties, protection order issues and related legal problems, as well as referrals to community resources like shelters.

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Housing & Consumer Protection: Northern County Evictions and More

Are you dealing with an impending foreclosure or eviction? Our housing and consumer protection team can help with legal issues related to Northern County evictions, consumer protection, housing discrimination, deceptive trade practices, unfair debt collection actions, wrongful lockouts, and uninhabitable conditions, among other related issues.

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Immigration: Securing and Maintaining Legal Status

Our team of attorneys helps immigrants get and maintain legal immigration status. Although our focus is on petitioning for special protections for immigrants who have survived domestic violence or certain crimes, we also offer low-cost representation for other types of immigration cases.

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Inmate Assistance: Providing Access to Legal Resources

Northern Nevada Legal Aid does not directly represent inmates. However, we help inmates gain access to legal resources that can help with non-criminal legal problems while in custody.

To learn more about our civil law self-help center and the legal assistance we can provide to those currently incarcerated in Northern Nevada, click here.

Medical Legal Partnership: Improving Health Outcomes with the Law

Poor social conditions can hurt your health. With our Medical Legal Partnership, the Northern Nevada Legal Aid team aims to address those social conditions to improve health outcomes. As part of this Northern Nevada legal aid partnership, staff work closely with Northern Nevada HOPES and similar organizations to bring legal aid to those who need it for the sake of their health.

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Senior Legal Services: Addressing a Wide Range of Legal Concerns

Our senior legal services cover a broad array of issues, such as housing, elder abuse, consumer fraud, and access to public benefits that might harm those who are 60 years old or older. A partnership between multiple community organizations and government agencies, the Senior Legal Center offers free and low-cost legal representation to seniors in Northern, Carson, Storey, and Douglas counties.

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